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What: This article explains the major tips to boost gaming performance on your mobile phone.

Why: To let readers know about the measures followed to boost your mobile gaming performance.

Are you a mobile gamer and tired of lagging issues? Do you want a smoother gaming performance on your smartphone? There are more online mobile gamers these days and they are facing Game Lags. When you’re playing a high-graphics game, you’ll encounter delays and reboots that frustrate a mobile gamer. Internal hardware is responsible for gaming performance but it is not only a factor. Well, we have mentioned some tips to optimize your smartphones to deliver a decent gaming experience.

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In this article, we’ve discussed some of the simple tips thoroughly to boost the gaming performance on your mobile phone.

10 Tips To Boost Your Mobile Gaming Performance

Let us delve into 10 tips to boost your mobile gaming performance:

  • Update Your Device Software

Updating your device software is a crucial step to optimize your mobile gaming performance. The Android update includes optimizations and improvements that can enhance the overall performance of your device. There are regular updates for bug-fixing and address compatibility issues. Devices may be exploited by malware or malicious software that affects your device’s performance. Regular software updates also include security patches that help to keep your device secure while gaming. New software update is also required to ensure compatibility with the latest mobile games and applications.

Here are the steps that you can follow to update your device software:

For Android:

  1. Open the “Settings” app
  2. Scroll down and select “System” or “Software Update,” depending on your device.
  3. Choose “Software Update” or a similar option.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to check for and install any available updates.

For iOS (iPhone and iPad):

  1. Open the “Settings” app.
  2. Tap on “General.”
  3. Select “Software Update.”
  4. If an update is available, tap “Download and Install” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Clear Your Cache and Junk Regularly

Clearing your cache and junk files regularly is another efficient way to boost gaming performance on mobile devices. Various apps accumulate cache files, which may take up a significant amount of storage space. You free up space on your device by clearing your cache and junk files which improves overall performance during gaming. Clearing the cache also improves loading times. It can also help improve the stability of your device’s operating system which results in smoother gameplay.

Here are the steps to clear the cache and junk files on your mobile device:

For Android:

  1. Open the “Settings” app.
  2. Select “Storage” or “Storage & memory.”
  3. Tap on “Cached data” and confirm that you want to clear the cache.

For iOS (iPhone and iPad):

  1. Open the “Settings” app.
  2. Go to “General” and then “iPhone Storage.”
  3. Review the recommendations for optimizing storage, and you may find options to clear app caches.
  • Increase Screen Refresh Rate

Screen refresh rate impacts overall gaming performance on Android devices. The refresh rate brings out smoother visuals and animations within the game. For longer battery life or accidentally switch the device to a lower refresh rate and keep running with it. This affects the gaming performance of your Android. Normally, smartphones have refresh rates of 60Hz that range up to 144Hz. Increasing the refresh rate is only applicable to modern devices.

Here are the steps to increase the screen refresh rate: (if applicable)

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Display
  3. Find Screen Refresh Rate and tap on it
  4. On the next screen, choose the highest screen refresh rate (120Hz) available
  • Use a Stable Internet Connection

If you want to improve your gaming experience on an Android device, you must require good internet speed. Online games need to send and receive data constantly. So, low internet speed on your device largely affects your gaming experience. A slow internet connection during complex action-paced online games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, or Free Fire can lead to high ping. 5G mobile data is a must for users who are gaming on mobile data. In case there’s no 5G coverage in your area, you can try LTE (4G) for stable speed. For users who play on Wifi, they must use a 5G wifi network and increase the Wi-Fi speed if it is not sufficient. You can also use DAS(distributed antenna system) at your home for a stable connection. DAS is a system used in the building which acts as a network of repeaters and amplifies the signal.

  • Reduce Animations

Reducing Animations in your Android devices increases the speed and gives a great gaming experience. These animations are shown when we switch between apps and also while we are browsing. It can be one of the reasons for game lag and the overall working performance of the Android. These animations can be disabled for a better gaming experience on your Android.

Here are the steps to disable animations on your Android device:

  1. Open settings scroll down and select Accessibility.
  2. Scroll down to Display and tap Text and Display.
  3. Tap the toggle switch for Remove animations to turn it on.
  • Manage Background Applications

Smartphones are capable of multitasking, multiple apps can run together but it affects when you’re gaming. When you’re gaming, smartphones require a lot of RAM and processor performance to render graphics, especially when you are playing PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, or other graphic-intensive mobile games. To experience better gaming performance, you should close the background apps before you start your game

  • Turn off the Power-Saving Mode and Use Gaming Mode (If Available)

If your device is in power-saving mode, it impacts your overall experience while gaming. Power saving mode conserves battery life by limiting your device’s performance. You can disable power saving mode while you are gaming to experience your full potential during gaming. You can turn off this mode in the notification bar by tapping on power-saving mode (if it is enabled), or you can disable it in settings as well.

Many smartphones come with a gaming mode that is designed to optimize the system resources and minimize the background processes.

  • Silent Unnecessary Notifications

Notifications on your phone often disturb you while you are gaming. You may tap on that notification and switch from the game. You can enable “Do Not Disturb” mode to get rid of these issues. This mode silences all notifications and ensures that you won’t get disturbed by texts or calls. There are also personalized settings in this mode so that you can select the important contacts to get notifications and else are set to silent. You can enable this mode from the notification bar or from the settings of that device. Some smartphones have gaming mode, enabling this mode to silence the notifications and also enhance the gaming experience.

  • Disable 4X MSAA for Better Framerate

4X MSAA (Multisample anti-aliasing) is one of the hidden features of Android phones’ developer options. It is the best Android setting to improve the graphics of your game. There is nothing to worry about, it is disabled by default on most devices. But in some rare cases, it is possible that an app left it enabled. If your device’s processor isn’t powerful enough, you might experience frame drops while playing high-graphic games. You may also start experiencing battery drain issues.

Here are the steps to disable 4X MSAA:

  1. Open the Settings app, tap About phone, and tap Build number seven times, ‘Developer option is enabled” (Some devices might ask for a lock screen PIN/password/biometric), in this step
  2. Go back to the Settings page and tap on System
  3. Tap Developer options
  4. Scroll and find Force 4x MSAA and toggle it OFF (if ON). 
  • Force GPU Rendering in the Developer Settings

Enabling “Force GPU Rendering” in the developer settings can help boost gaming performance on Android devices. GPU rendering means that the GPU is assigned to do tasks instead of the CPU so that the CPU focuses more on the processing part. The graphics processing part will be taken care of by the GPU, the CPU is now free to perform other important tasks. Hence, you can have an improved gaming experience on your device.

Here are the steps to be followed for enabling Force GPU Rendering in the developer settings:

  1. Go to Developer Options present in the Settings option of your phone.
  2. In case you do not have a Developer Option on your device then go to About Phone and click 5-7 times on the Build Number option.
  3. There will be a pop-up message saying “You are now a developer”.
  4. Go back to Settings and now you will be able to see Developer Options.
  5. Click on it and go to the Hardware Accelerated Rendering option. Change the settings to Force GPU rendering. 


Mobile phones with low RAM often lag while gaming. Most Android devices don’t perform well and it gets stuck when you’re in the middle of a game. The above-mentioned tips given by the experts of CDR Report Writers will help you enhance your overall gaming performance and have decent gameplay in low RAM devices. For old devices, some of the above tips that are found in the developer option will help you to boost your gaming performance. Nowadays people have smartphones that have game booster or game launcher tools, and enabling those tools will make your device enhance the CPU on the game.

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  • Does More RAM Increase Gaming Performance on Mobile?

Yes, RAM will boost your gaming performance on mobile. It is also recommended for gamers to have more than enough memory to improve their gaming performance.

  • What is Required for Gaming on Mobile?

A gaming phone with sufficient RAM and a stable internet connection is required for gaming on mobile.

  • Why is My Phone’s Performance So Slow?

Your phone’s performance may be slow because of

  • Lack of storage space
  • Low RAM storage
  • No software update
  • Is it Okay to Force 4x MSAA?

Enabling the 4x MSAA feature will enhance the visual experience but negatively impact your device’s performance.

  • Which Snapdragon is Best for Gaming?

The best Snapdragon for gaming are Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, and Snapdragon 870. These are the latest 5G processors. The latest 4G processors are Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, Snapdragon 695, and Snapdragon 680.

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