Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

For music lovers, scoring tickets to see your favorite artists live is a thrill like no other. But these days, the sticker shock of concert tickets can leave your head spinning faster than a heavy metal guitar solo!

Luckily, I’m here to share insider tips to help you land the best deals. Read on to become a ticket-buying ninja and beat sky-high costs. Cowabunga, let’s do this!

What Are The Most Effective Tips For Finding Cheap Concert Tickets Online?

The internet opens up a whole world of money-saving opportunities if you know where to look. Here are my top online tips:

  • Sign up for artist presales – these give fans first dibs before the public sale.
  • Join fan clubs to unlock special offers – just beware of shady third parties pretending to be “official.”
  • Check venue presales for early bird tickets – sign up for their email lists.
  • Follow ticket sellers on social media for special promo codes – turn on notifications so you never miss a deal.
  • Use a ticket aggregator site to compare prices across multiple sellers – but read reviews carefully, some are sketchier than a dark alleyway!
  • Be open to lawns, balconies, or obstructed sections for massive discounts – just bring binoculars.

What Are The Tips For Finding Affordable Concert Tickets?

Sign up for presales and fan club offers to get early access to tickets before public on-sales. Be flexible on show dates/times, as weekday and daytime shows often have cheaper pricing. Check venue and artist social media for special promo codes that offer discounts. Use a ticket aggregator like SeatGeek to compare prices across multiple sellers – just remember to use a SeatGeek promo code to save on fees. Consider obstructed view or upper level seats for big savings. Avoid peak holiday times when ticket prices are inflated. With some creative strategies, you can find affordable concert tickets.

Is It Better To Purchase Concert Tickets From The Official Venue Website Or Through Third-Party Ticketing Platforms?

This debate rivals cats vs dogs! Each option has pros and cons:

Venue Website

PRO: Buy directly from the source for peace of mind.

CON: Limited to one venue’s seats rather than browsing options.

Third-Party Sites

PRO: View tickets across all vendors and find the best values.

CON: Higher fees and scummy resellers lurk – vet sites carefully!

My advice? Start on the venue site, then compare prices on trustworthy third parties like Ticketmaster. Read reviews and fine print to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Are There Specific Times Or Days When Concert Tickets Are Typically Cheaper?

Plan smartly and landing cheap tickets will be a breeze! Marks your calendars for:

  • Presales – Up to one week before public sales. Pounce quickly for the best selection.
  • Weekdays – Less competition for seats means better pricing on Tuesday to Thursday.
  • Rising Acts – Catch them on the way up before they get uber-expensive.
  • Last Minute – Scores can plummet hours before the show if its not sold out. Risky but can pay off!
  • Holidays – Venues jack up prices around New Years or Christmas. Avoid if possible.
  • Matinees – Afternoon shows are sometimes discounted. Let the savings begin at lunchtime!

How can I avoid ticket scalpers and ensure I’m buying legitimate concert tickets?

Only buy tickets from official venues and trusted sellers with guarantees. Research unfamiliar third-party sites thoroughly before purchasing. Verify the delivery method and ensure tickets can be transferred prior to payment. Never pay with risky methods like cash transfers or prepaid cards Рuse credit cards so charges can be disputed if needed. Confirm ticket details like seat numbers match the listing and venue maps. 

Scalpers often misalign details. Legitimate sellers like StubHub and Vivid Seats offer protections against fakes. Consider using payment services like Venmo to pay trusted friends or relatives avoiding scalpers altogether. Look for Venmo promo codes to save on fees. Stay vigilant and carefully vet all ticket purchases.

What are some alternative methods for obtaining concert tickets, such as presales, fan clubs, or group purchases?

Think outside the big box office for creative ways to keep costs low:

  • Artist Presales- Sign up on their website for first dibs
  • Venue Presales – Join mailing lists for early ticket offers
  • Fan Clubs – Official clubs unlock special perks like presales
  • Radio Contests – Call in for a chance to win free tickets
  • Promoters & Sponsors – Check brands related to the artist for presale codes
  • Group Discounts – Buy in bulk with your friends or other fans
  • Season Tickets – Venues like theaters offer packages for seeing multiple shows
  • Gift Cards – Ask for tickets as a birthday or holiday gift!

With a little creativity and insider knowledge, you can save big time. Never pay more than face value if you can help it.


Scoring concert deals just takes time, effort and knowing where to look. Follow these tips and soon you’ll be rocking out for cheap. Stay safe by avoiding shady scalpers, and may you enjoy many happy nights of music ahead.

Now go forth and use your newfound ticket wizardry to afford more encores, mosh pits, and crowd surfing! Oh yeah, it’s showtime.


By swati