A good old’ dependable travel bag — plural please — is one of my biggest travel passions. After all, there are several kinds of travel bags, and each one has a certain function. I’ll admit that when I was younger and more naive, I believed that all you needed for a hassle-free journey were one or two travel bags.

However, as this “nearly titan” gets older, https://www.bramverweij.com/ I discover that I have to stop when I “push” goods into a bag they don’t belong in. “No, no. I tell myself, “That goes in here, and this goes in there.”

Don’t ask me if I need many travel bags because I’m OC or just because I like to keep my things organized:

One of my biggest travel obsessions is a reliable travel bag, plural please. Travel bags come in a variety of styles, and each one has a specific function. I’ll admit that when I was younger and more gullible, I believed that all you needed for a hassle-free journey were one or two travel bags. However, when I “push” stuff into a bag they don’t belong in, I discover that I have to quit midway through because of my advanced age. “No, no. This belongs here, that belongs there, I tell myself. Do not inquire as to whether my need for many travel bags is related to my OCD or just because I want to keep my belongings organized.

  1. A high-quality suitcase:
    It won’t ever let you down if you make the right decision. Suitcases are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and colors, much like other bags. But what I adore about them is that you can garnish them with eccentric objects to prevent others from mistaking yours for their own. In an airport, it’s impossible to miss the luggage whose handles are decorated with vibrant over grips and ribbons. Some luggage even feature stickers or a cover that hides the entire bag behind an illustration.
    It will never let you down if you make sensible choices. Like all bags, suitcases come in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials. But what I really like about them is how you can embellish them with oddball stuff to prevent people from thinking you have the same one as someone else. You would have to be blind not to notice the luggage in an airport with the colorful over grips and ribbons tied around the handles. Some suitcases even contain decals or an illustration that covers the whole bag
  2. An everyday backpack or shoulder bag:
    Don’t laugh; I’m also fussy about the day bag I bring on vacation, if only because it extends my outfit of the day (no judgments, please). Yet once more, I would advise you to combine fashion with utility. Choosing a day bag only on the basis of how adorable and stylish it appears is completely incorrect. You need to be able to pull your items out easily and they need to fit comfortably.
  3. The last thing you want is to have to hunt around in a large travel pack to find one thing. But let’s face it, we’ve all been there, and now is the moment to speak up. Upgrade to a new day bag to put an end to your misery!.
  4. A sturdy hiking bag:
    You’ll need a hiking bag if you want to cross mountains off your bucket list and become an avid hiker. Well, in a pinch, a backpack may be quite useful. If you keep using those travel bags on hiking paths, they will inevitably become worn out rapidly.
  5. Thus, get a hiking bag whose resilience will enable it to carry your goods as well as endure the weather rather than leaving your poor backpack at the mercy of Mt. Lap or whichever top you’re ascending. The hip belts on hiking backpacks are also a blessing. Adjust those belts, put your bag’s weight on your hips, and give your tired back a respite!

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